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U Bow Fender in Synthetic manila rope /staplespun

Designed for the Bow of a narrowboat

Constructed of solid Rope core with Three  stainless steel fixing chains.

Hitched covering of 12mm  synthetic manila Rope.

U Bow Fender For narrowboat

  • The core of this Fender is made from  heavy duty, hard wearing Rope With three Fixing Chains which  are go straight through the centre.

    The Rope used is 12mm synthetic manila / staplespun rope 

    This rope has an excellent UV and Weathering protection.

    Surperb abrasion resistance, also Rot proof

    Diamentons of the Fender:

      69cm length 

    17 cm depth 

    3 x Fixing Chains:  zinc plated /stainless steel

    4cm x top chain 

    Side fixing chains 4cm x2

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