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Long Button Fender in synthetic manila 

Designed for the Stern of Narrow Boats /Wide Beams.

Constructed of a solid rubber core with three stainless steel  fixing chains, hitched covering of 12mm synthetic manila Rope.

Long Button in synthetic manila

  • The core of this Fender is made from recycled tyres, which are mulched up and mixed with a resin compound . With Three Fixing Chains set in the centre, before being put into a 10 Ton press.

    The rope used is 12mm Synthetic manila 

    Three Strand synthetic manila  Rope is a natural looking rope, which has an excellent UV and Weathering protection. Surperb abrasion resistance, also Rot proof.

    This rope is a great alternative to the natural rope, as this will not need to be treated. 

    Diamentons of the Fender:

    Width    27cm

    Length  36cm

    3 x 30cm Fixing Chains

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