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The Reason Boats Need Fenders

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

HI there every one

why do we use fenders on narrowboats / widebeams?? long Button and Tipcat Fenders are used on the stern of the boat and should pass the rudder to do there job properly to protect the rudder and fuel tank.

If the rudder gets bent its not a hard job to put right but could be very costly to take the boat out, to do the job..

Bow fenders are used to protect your boat but also to stop damage to others boats, lock gates and structures on the network.

I've put a short little video on here just to show some boaters how it should not be done, if anyone needs help on what fenders and where they go just give me a shout .

As you can see long buttons should not sit like this one in this video as its doing nothing at all, Also a small button is much better on the bow of the boat than the stern of a widebeam .

I would hate to have a engine problem in a lock and go back on the gate or the cill,

never know whats going to happen .

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